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Eleyele, Ibadan, Nigeria


AGSOSA promotes a progressive contemporary community committed to providing high quality projects and promoting wellbeing of fellow

Grammarians. Furthermore, it is poised to Impact (into the current and newly graduated students) values, knowledge and skills that wit positively impact future generations.



AGSOSA'S priority is to be involved in aiding the students in their future educational ventures. We also provide financial aids & scholarships to the deserving students.


The Arwar-ul-Islam (Ahmadiyya) Grammar School

Old Students' Association is governed by elected

Individuals who graduated from the institution in different years. So, the Executive Officers are a mixture of the young and the not so young.

Overall Advancements

Ongoing sustained professional development is a top priority for the success of our student learners and teachers alike. It is integrated within all grade levels and content areas, differentiated to meet the needs of the various teachers, and be available during and outside the scheduled workday. We provide the current staff with the appropriate tools so that they can be 2 successful when integrating various programs into their curriculum.

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